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Getting sound on the Raspberry pi

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To get sound out the headphone jack type:

sudo modprobe snd_bcm2835
sudo amixer cset numid=3 1

To get sound out the HDMI

sudo modprobe snd_bcm2835
sudo amixer cset numid=3 0

Trouble with omxplayer?

set the -o output for 3.5 audio jack

omxplayer -o local

set the -o output for hdmi

omxplayer -o hdmi


Show album art in Conky with python script.

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I wanted to show some Album art in conky.

Ofcourse i didnt need to re-invent the wheel so I stumbled upon this forum topic:


iggykoopa created a nice script (see here) but because I like the dark feeling of #! I wanted to have the album art in greyscale.

I took his base from: and added this part to it: (and an option so you can start it with “ -g”.)

def grey:
image = Image.openhome + "/.album"
image = image.convert'L'
image.savehome + "/.album", "png"

You can grab the whole code here: Python CrunchBang Linux Pastebin.

The code in conky:

${execi 10 /home/pieter/.conky/ -g -s 75x75}
${image /home/pieter/.album -p 170,10 -s 75x75}

Works great here.

MoC theme

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My MoC theme

# Theme: pieter_moc_theme
# Author: Pieter -

background = white black
frame = white black
window_title = green black bold

directory = white black
selected_directory = green black bold

playlist = white black
selected_playlist = cyan black dim,underline

file = white black
info = white black

selected_file = cyan black dim,underline
selected_info = cyan black dim,underline

marked_file = cyan black
marked_info = cyan black

marked_selected_file = cyan black underline
marked_selected_info = cyan black underline

status = red black bold
title = cyan black bold,underline
state = red black bold

current_time = green black bold
time_left = green black bold
total_time = green black bold
time_total_frames = green black bold

sound_parameters = white black bold
legend = white black

disabled = white black dim
enabled = red black bold

empty_mixer_bar = white black dim
filled_mixer_bar = black white
empty_time_bar = white black dim
filled_time_bar = white white dim

entry = white black
entry_title = magenta black bold
error = red black bold
message = green black bold
plist_time = green black bold